Tuesday, 22 November 2011

nite !

mood:jiwang skit
actually nothing to write..just saje2
boring !so,.
i wanna talk about HIM again .
i miss him.,
rindu diye

tuhan tlg lmbut kn hti dya untk trima ku seadanya kerna ku x sgup krna aq x mmpu hdup tnpa dya d ssi ku
mlm kau bwalah rndu ku untk dri nya y jauh driku agr dya x ksepian sllu rsa ada cnta agung

p/s :/ ecececececeh..jwang siot aq mlm ni..

jgn anggap mnde tu srious..
men2 je..
ermmm..slamat bbahagia lah kmu ye

dont wrry bby..
only you..
hahhaha..mn lah duk lam hti aq ni..
mn ah mmri aq pling swet kli..
swer aq rndu mn gle3..

 Lost all promises
all beautiful dreams
this heart broken to see all this
has gone away
happiness in my heart
I can only mourn this
this heart broken to see that you have to go
Sky will be dark
envelops the heart
change throughout the life
why all this so
separation that occurs
between the two of us
I will wait for a miracle
that we should be together again

p/s:/ bangge !

enough enough,.
stop ADILA ..
dont cry lah mlm2 ni..
kn pg esk mte tu bso bla pingpong bru tau!~

orait..stop here for tonite
muah3.. love swetmine !

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